For a while in our family’s story, we were moving around a fair bit. One hop took us to Costa Rica, a country where parrots screeched, flowers exploded with color, volcanoes spewed, and waves crashed. We walked among clouds of butterflies and swarms of hummingbirds, saw tiny, vibrant frogs clinging to trees and lethargic alligators sunning themselves on river banks. And in forests, on hikes, we’d notice toucans, too.

Before that, these birds had only been characters on cereal boxes. So imagine my surprise to discover that those beaks really were huge, and those bodies really were black and bright. But the biggest surprise was watching a flock of toucans overhead: power, beauty, grace… mesmerizing.

That a bird like this exists? Amazing. That it can fly? Glorious. It’s enough to make one wonder what other preposterous, beautiful, unexpected things lurk nearby that go unnoticed or unheralded. And when we eventually do sense them, what then?

That’s one of the questions that nudges along the books I write; it also animates this site. Maybe it’s of interest to you, too. If so, I invite you to amble around here, and see if something raises a question, sparks a hope, or lights a smile.

Thanks for stopping by!


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