Coffee invasion

There’s a Tully’s cafe in a Seattle suburb that holds good memories for me, and I recall being able to pull Peet’s off the shelves there, too–a special treat when visiting in the Northwest. But on a recent tour of the local supermarket here south of Harrisburg, I saw both Tully’s and Peet’s on the shelves. Egad.

Of course, Caribou coffee, a brand which previously I’d only seen it as far east as the Minneapolis airport, had already appeared months earlier in grocery stores near us. But what began as creep now looks to be a full-on invasion, as consumer demand continues to eradicate all geographical distinctives. Apparently, one no longer need travel for great coffee.

I have mixed reactions about this. On the one hand, why should just one region have so much good coffee? But on the other, isn’t there something good about landing in a new place and having it be at least a little different from the one you left?

On the third hand, if coffee purveyors really have our best interest at heart, they’ll look not just to the west for beans, but further south, into, say Costa Rica, for Cafe Britt….

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