Playa Perdida, before & after the equinox

Twelve hours of sun are typical each day near the equator, so as I pad to my basement study in the dark, and watch the sky brighten well after that first glass of OJ, I try not to rue the passing of summer’s long light, or worry about the encroaching Fall (and its dreaded successor). Instead, I let my mind wander south to a beach like Playa Perdida. It helps that my computer’s screen saver features rolling waves.   

Book tour coffee? Cafe Britt!

If you’re in/near Harrisburg this Saturday, stop in at Midtown Scholar’s bookstore for the book tour stop in the Poet’s Corner there. Readings from and signings of Playa Perdida will fill the hour (7-8pm). Tropical snacks, too.  

There’s another book tour stop in Coopersburg, PA on October 9: by then, you’ll want to warm up–so again, a beach book fits the bill.  

Right now, and until Sept 25 (two days after the autumnal equinox), there’s a book giveaway happening at Check here to get in on that.  

And last, if you’ve read or are reading the novel, would you drop a review at Goodreads, or Amazon, or on the Playa facebook page–or your own site, or across your network? That helps spread the news in both hemispheres. Thanks!

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