Suburban turtle

Rolled out for a bike ride yesterday only to see this critter on the driveway. About as unexpected as the owl that roosted in a tree outside the dining room window a few months back, or the hawk in a different tree that stayed still long enough for a close up. We get lots of squirrels, a few goldfinches, nuthatches and hummingbirds–but turtles, they’re rare–and intriguing. That serrated tail, the bunched and gnarled shell, eyes that follow you, wary: this is one odd creature.

There’s a creek near our house, so maybe the turtle was on its way there. Or maybe it was hunting for food, or casing the joint (we have apples in the garage: do turtles like apples?). I don’t know much about these animals, so am unprepared to offer anything more than a guess. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring the pluck of this one, or from wondering where it went, and whether it will stop by again on the return journey.

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