Costa Rica dreamin’

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey…

I’m driving, not walking, and it’s not quite winter, but still: dreary days like this make one long for Costa Rica. But with the rain forest, volcanos and beach out of reach, the only tangible reminder is…coffee. And in Grand Rapids, that means Biggby. Starbucks is available, of course (this is the known universe, after all), but the local franchise is worth investigating, and that requires a stop at the yellow signed Biggby store. Turns out, it’s worth the visit.

By midafternoon, however, it’s still dreary and one can ingest only so much caffeine. Thus it is with some relief that another Grand Rapids icon looms into view: Culvers. And wouldn’t you know, but October 28 is National Chocolate Day and Culvers is celebrating with sale-priced shakes. Take that, bleak fall day…!

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