November novel

Whether the book I’m working on this month gets done or not, the folks at NaNoWriMo are determined to do all they can to fan the flame. Couple times a week an email comes from the local ‘wri-mo’s’, someone in the ‘home office’ (no foolin’–they even sell t-shirts) or some writer they’ve conscripted to inspire the troops; there are gatherings where budding novelists can go to be with others similarly engaged, and resources to draw on if you need a nudge.

Something else that’s great about this tribe: the people at WriMo central are absolutely convinced that writing a novel in a month is a perfectly fine way to spend your time; they think this is exactly what you should be doing (that is, if you like writing, have long believed you had a book in you, are not previously committed to, say, med school, etc.). But they’re not pushy; there’s no guilt-tripping or finger-wagging. It’s more ‘invitational’, a hearty ‘try it, you’ll like it’ sort of attitude, with the promise that each step of the way, you walk in the company of friends.

Brilliant. Almost, ecclesiastical.

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