Turning to glory

With the November novel done, for now, and Playa out in the marketplace fending for itself, I’m returning to a project that’s been on the front/back burner for more than three years: the book on glory. It’s both daunting and exhilarating.

The idea is to examine glory for how it streams from God and is resident in people; to do this, I’m starting with a closer look at sin (which keeps us from glory, according to Romans 3:23) and grace (by which we are rescued from the dominion of sin). In the ‘new realm’ (i.e. that to which grace ushers us), glory is more easily perceived and more eagerly pursued–or at least, that’s my suspicion.

Jesus’ transfiguration is one key focal point for helping us get a bead on glory. From this, Romans 12:1-2 is the next stop, and  I want to ruminate on what the ‘transformation’ Paul mentions there entails. Indeed, this passage has brought me up short for some time now: I get up a head of steam and barrel into it, and then just get derailed, overcome by all that seems to be there. One more suspicion: that in speaking of transformation, Paul is calling Christ-followers to life that is redolent with grace and resplendent with glory–a life that, because of God’s mercy is capable now of love, joy, peace, patience, etc. I could easily be wrong in this, or overly optimistic. But I hope not.

I’m committing significant time to this exploration in the next 6 weeks, and thankful for the opportunity to do that. Happy for comment along the way as well, so feel free to jump in. Here’s a segment that gives a feel for the tone and content; I’ll add more to the Projects page (see sidebar at right) from time to time.

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