Gifts & resolutions

I like how they put Christmas and New Year’s so close together. With the one, there’s oodles of good cheer, hope and generosity. With the other comes a blank slate, fresh start, next chance, this time for sure attitude. It’s a powerful juxtaposition. 

Join gift with resolve and what happens? Take love: if I’m the recipient of love poured out on my head and heart, might that lead me to want to extend love? A while back, while pondering the apostle Paul’s reflections in 1 Corinthians, I stumbled on the notion that love is a matter of being quickly impressed and easily pleased. I’ve been loved on those terms (a gift, to be sure); can I offer those terms to others? 

Or scuttle down a tunnel, to the darker realm of grudges. Some of us find ways to entertain these critters in high style—but why? And what happens when we do? On the other hand, when I get to recalling all the good that’s happened to and around me, I’m thinking that the resolve to ignite the coal dust in that cavern would be worthwhile. 

A list of ‘resolutions’ certainly seems appropriate in January, but often that list looks pretty pathetic by February or so. So I’m wondering: what if we let that list grow out of what happened around Christmas? Might that set a good and true course for the new year?

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