Glory days

All this week, I’m focusing on the glory book; glad for the time and place to do this. A chapter on ‘transformation’ (jumping off Paul’s comments in 2 Corinthians 3:18) has been vexing me for months–but today the pieces fell together in ways that made sense. So I’m nearly out of these woods, and heading for some clearer terrain. I think there are still two more chapters here, and then maybe an appendix to spend more time (with smaller print) on a couple of tangents.

The ambience for this is terrific: a portable table in the back room of a condo a few yards from the beach with a blank wall in front of me and the wind howling outside. After a few hours hunched over the keyboard, I can wander outside without fear of frostbite; even got the last bits of a sunrise during a morning run. In a day or two we’ll head further south, to see where other people wrote (Hemingway, Wilder, Tennessee Williams), and whether some of the muse is transferable…

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