Running in place

I like to think I’m at least cognizant of developments in the culture around me, but recent mention of Steampunk and Technical Death Metal left me scratching my head.

It takes effort to be relevant, but even then, one must ask: relevant with respect to what? The sheer volume of possible sub-cultures and interests of which one might be aware or with which one might attempt to stay current, is staggering. How can one hope to keep up when there are so many niches?

It’s probably not a great idea to chuck the whole lot and not try at all, just as it’s not ideal to narrow one’s focus to a single point. Still, in the press to ‘be relevant’, it may be well to acknowledge that ‘culture’ presents a moving target (which makes relevance a rather elusive goal), and to stay cheerful and at least mildly curious when one encounters, perhaps for the first time, talk of the zombie apocalypse.

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