Want to beta-test a new novel?

Prime Target –light-hearted mystery/crime fiction with no murder and little mayhem–is moving closer to completion. Here’s a blurb for the book, to give a rough idea of what’s going on:

Max likes finding things. So when his uncle, an insurance broker for the rich and infamous, needs help recovering stolen artwork, Max is on the case. The job? Thwart international art thieves working for an eccentric collector who’s pulling the strings from her beachfront condo. The clock is ticking for Max and his motley crew because this criminal mastermind will either give away what she’s had her minions steal, or blow the whole lot to smithereens. 


At this point, the novel needs some fresh eyes before it goes to print/pixels. If you’d like to be a beta test reader (i.e. someone who reads the current draft and then sends me comments), here’s the link for info. The story promises a few hours of diversion, with the occasional chuckle–and I’d be most grateful for your remarks!

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