Star of the show

During a camp staff training session, I was listening to a presentation on ‘sharing your faith’. The speaker grabbed me with his comment that during a ‘testimony’, it was important to put the emphasis in the right place. So often, the presenter said, we tell this story with ourselves at the center. But who is the star of this show? he asked.

With Easter just days away, that’s still a good question. In our local grocery store, it’s plain that chocolate and flowers get star treatment (it’s a double billing).  But that can also happen with clothes, music or dinner: good things can pull us away from reflecting on what’s of more ultimate worth. This is common, because we are people who forget: failure of memory is one of our dominant traits. And so we need reminders of what’s important, along with discipline to make sure these things do not themselves pull us away.

A possibility: that the new frock, the fancy brunch, the fresh flowers would serve more as means than as ends. In some churches, the use of icons is meant precisely for this purpose–physical objects offer focal points that direct, not distract, attention. A chocolate bunny (solid, of course) as icon? Preposterous! Maybe.

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