Another morning

Under the heading “God’s Providence”, St. Isaac has this to say about God’s holy power:

it shows the soul how divine care follows a person at all times, and preserves him against adversities at all times, even though he may not perceive this or be aware of it; how it directs him towards what serves for the salvation and repose of his soul and body, leading to the discovery of his own true life.

My study of glory is drawing me toward what it means to be human, towards what God intends for those He’s created; it’s suggesting that much of what we consider essential distracts from what is good. Isaac’s consideration of God’s divine care (I hear an echo of Peter’s “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness” here) reminds me that God is near, for my good. Direction toward what serves for the salvation and the repose of both soul and body? Sounds like the work of the Spirit, guiding us into what is good and lasting, and bringing the shaping we need.

The will for this–mine, not God’s; the desire for it–more than a reaching for what is incidental; the time–for choosing this rather than some other diversion: all worth further consideration this day.


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