One in a million

Amazon has this ‘bestsellers rank’ feature which gives authors something else to obsess about. These days, Playa Perdida (in paperback) is hovering around the one million mark–which means there are a million books selling more briskly than this one. A million?

This information puts the competitive part of me in a quandary. On the one hand, there are a million other books in front of Playa; on the other, there’s another million (or three) ‘behind’ this novel, too. Should I be elated, or vexed?

I’d rather bow out of the competition altogether, and fan the collaborative part of me into brighter flame–the part that recognizes that there are millions of us trying to write, pursue a dream, get the word out. That’s a lot of energy aimed in a similar direction: what good/fun/stirring/change might come of this?

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