Another link

A new Facebook page for my books goes live this weekend, and as it opens, the Playa Perdida FB page will soon close. Toucanic Media, though (that’s the name of the new FB page, found here), intends to have a much narrower field of vision, so that this blog can continue to roam.

So much media to track and attend….

But how cool to have these ways of staying in touch, and sharing information about what’s going on in the worlds which capture our interests. Speaking of which, I recently stumbled across this blog by kingdom folk in Europe. It offers a nice blend of topics, ranging from running equipment to effective kingdom ministry. Good mix. Another blog I read about daily (or more frequently) is this one. It features the open heart of a twenty-something from whom I keep learning. Of course, I’m biased, fora  couple of reasons, one of which is that this blog’s author is also a contributor to the (alert: commercial ahead) forthcoming Advent Guide.


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