If the cedar plank’s on fire…

… does that mean dinner is ready?

Summer may be a memory, but it’s still warm enough to grill–and salmon is a fav, especially when cooked slow over charcoal (the propane grill is convenient, but not quite capable of the same taste…). Only trick is to make sure there’s less flame than heat, which requires soaking the plank (and accompanying wood chips) longer than, say, 15 minutes. This sort of operation requires planning.

Last night’s fish was not char-broiled, which is better than last week’s effort. I’d started the coals, got the meat situated and walked off to tend to a blog, or a book, or some such. Trouble is, time flies, and an untended grill, coupled with an unsoaked plank–not a good combination.

Thankfully the diners were gracious, and the damage not irreparable. But lesson learned.

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