Life is too short to. . .

…drink bad coffee? …hold a grudge? How would you finish this line?

News of Steve Jobs’ passing has led many to comment; often they recall the Apple founder’s Stanford commencement address, and his reference to death as “life’s change agent.” We can joke about death, or get morbid, but Jobs suggested a different tack: using it as a means of focusing life.

Surely there are other motivations for a life well-lived than the imminence and certainty of death, but the effect is probably the same no matter what horse takes you there. It helps to think about such things, and then to make the appropriate adjustments. It also helps to adopt Jobs’ perspective,* realizing that life doesn’t last–at least on this plane–forever.

So, what might start or stop today, if life is, indeed, short?


*In general terms, the perspective of Steve Jobs has been considered, adopted and endorsed by many–as evidenced by the outpouring of SJ/Apple stories on the web. My own intersection with his ‘insanely great’ world started at a friend’s house, about 30 years ago, staring at the 7″ screen of a putty-colored Macintosh (you’re allowed to call a computer a ‘macintosh’? Won’t the apple people get annoyed? Oh, wait….), and seeing a font get manipulated. Fast forward a few years: we’re planting a church and one of the members opens his home office so we can prepare and print the bulletin. I can set the page on its side? Yep–cuz this here computer’s a Mac. Another: a birthday; a box arrives. Small box. Inside, a white rectangle capable of holding a gazillion songs. It looks, feels, perfect. Steve Jobs–design maven, game-changer, life-widener.

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