Project updates

Two book projects are consuming available time–and the progress is encouraging! The Advent guide Our Savior Come has been ‘proofed’ twice–with a third on the way. The process? Format the interior (this exercise develops one’s appreciation for the skills of those who do this full-time at publishing houses), check for word fragments at the end of paragraphs or all alone on a page, try (hard) to keep the style consistent, sit back and smile, get back to work…

The cover is just about done, too. We have a great photo from Wade Owlett, Cath Schmidt has been toiling at the front page design, et voila:

Our targeted release date of November 1 is looking likely…!

The second project, Prime Target, is a cops & robbers story from last November’s novel writing excursion. After comments from a bunch of beta readers, I did some more tweaking, and now an editor has it, for a final (?) check-up. Then on to the formatting process, so the novel can be available in time for Christmas. Here’s a shot of the cover:

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