Projects completed & unfolding

The past several days have been full of soaking up sun, running on the beach, and generally loafing around. There was also time to catch up with friends, in person and via technology. Our travels have meant we’ve crossed paths with some fascinating folks, and it’s always a pleasure to hear what others are discovering and trying out. In one conversation over the weekend, I spoke with a guy who’s experimenting with publishing and book distribution in places where that’s not been done very often; these days, such ventures are much more front-burner. Another chat helped me see more of what’s going on as the church faces a raft of new issues and realities. A third friend reminded me that God is often very active even when we least expect it, and often dramatic when we most need it.

Along the way, I got to share a bit of what’s going on in my corner of the world…

My first gig as a project editor resulted in the publication of Blessed Are you: Meditations on the Beatitudes. A local church wanted a resource for its congregation in going through Lent, and also becoming familiar with the Daily Office; more than 25 people contributed essays and art for this collaboration. BTW, if this sounds like a project your church might want to pursue, I’m available to help…

The first draft of Wanting Glory (tentative title) wrapped, and its final section (there are three: Sin, Grace, Glory) is in the hands of readers. I’ll be revising this over the next month or so, and then start the search for a publisher. For now, I’m excerpting parts of it on Tuesdays on the blog; a longer segment is here.

I’m meeting this week with some people to discuss marketing my books. As mentioned previously, while I like the writing, selling is another matter. My hope is to connect with folks who know what they’re doing when it comes to social networking, etc. so as to get the word about these books out more broadly.

And, I’m starting a new novel. Our time down south provided a good jump-start; stay tuned for more info as this new book emerges…

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