Start creative

Rising early is part of my routine–has been for a long time. This can mess with vacations, but it’s also a nice way to get stuff done while the house is still quiet. As a committed ‘morning person’, that’s typically the time of day when my energy and creativity is high–so the question is: how best to use that first hour (or two)?

It’s easy to pop on the computer and check things–mail, feeds, videos of hamsters. But recently I was nudged (again) to consider starting the day by creating something rather than reacting to something.

For me, an aha! moment. Now, to put this in play.  Can building/making/writing start my day routinely? Here’s to a new (or more consistent) habit…

2 thoughts on “Start creative

  1. I think the answer is yes. I wrote a book many moons ago, and I did it while working full time by dedicating myself from 6-8 am in the morning to write for about 9 months. The book was birthed, and the consistency of the process made it not quite so painful as it could have been.
    Good luck with it!

    • 2 hours/day x 9 months = 1 book (and probably a passel of ideas along with it)… I’m liking the math. Course, this says something about discipline, too–and choices.

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