Down the road with singers and writers

open road ahead

More miles in the car this week, visiting some good folks in New Yawk. Took the trusty iPod along, with the Terry Gross interview of Paul McCartney topping my list. I didn’t find the Beatles til high school (we were living overseas where radio reception was spotty; we were Baptists) but the remedial learning was a delight–so I dialed up the Fresh Air talk enthusiastically.

But instead of a stroll down memory lane, Sir Paul went on about his creative process, how music he’d heard as a lad had stayed with him, how songs from his father’s era planted seeds that sprouted into rock n’ roll. McCartney was talking history, and then he veered over to art with a question: to what do you aspire? A great nudge for creatives, this. And another: How do your aspirations connect with inspirations?

Next up was Joanna Penn’s chat with Jeff Goins. Another easy conversation that lit more than a few fires. How do you see yourself? Goins asks. And then, particularly of those who write, he wonders, What will it take to call yourself a writer? Jeff encourages writers to embrace that moniker with greater verve and confidence. What happens if you do? he wants to know. What happens if you don’t?

Seth Godin is pretty much ubiquitous for those connected to business, marketing, writing, or the world-wide web. An interview with Brian Clark at Copyblogger was still on my player, so I keyed it in. Ideas burbled out. One factoid caught me: that Godin has been blogging for about 15 years. Could that be part of the explanation for his prodigious reach and influence?

After all, 15 years on the digital highway is like a century on an ordinary road: this guy has been around more blocks than most others. Seen through a different lens, of course, 15 years is hardly a blink. I was 15 when I heard the Beatles for the first time, and that just seems like, well, yesterday. But the point of longevity is an important one, and modeled by this one who champions showing up and shipping out.

And you –when you’re on the long & winding road, what podcasts are likely to be playing?

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