Life at work

unexpected signs of lifeLast weekend, working through the 1 Peter passage, I came across a phrase that hasn’t let go. It’s from one of Paul’s letters, where he’s talking about pressures and setbacks, and how such troubles are the shared lot of Christ followers. He’s honest, but not despondent; he’s aware of a treasure shared by his readers that’s bigger/better/stronger/deeper than any weight or storm. And because of this treasure–God’s glory–he can say that life is at work in you (2 Corinthians 4:12).

Life is at work. The phrase pretty well sums up what God is doing, what God is after, what God prizes.

Tomorrow, I get to celebrate with a bunch of friends as the church our family helped start has its 25th anniversary. Looking back on that season of activity stirs a host of memories; I recall a lot of stormy weather. But so much change, so much strength poured in along the way, too. Life was at work.

I went into church planting thinking I knew some stuff, and kept at it, willing to learn. Realized how much I didn’t know. Had some great days, had some that felt like they’d end in a hospital–and discovered that my experience was not unique: a lot of us were going through rough water. But looking back, I can see how glory persisted. And looking around now, its consequences are easy to spot.

Life is at work.

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