Letters to Me is now available! It’s a great collection of voices speaking into life with humor, pathos, wisdom, and understanding. I’ve enjoyed working with this gang to produce the book, and am hoping now that as it goes out, LTM will do some good.

To get a sense of the book’s tone, you can scroll through the past several posts on this site for author interviews. And there’s a sample of the book here.

Maybe you know someone who’s looking back, looking around, looking ahead? Grab a copy to pass along!

There is something maddeningly compelling about this book. You want to leap into its pages and shake some sense into the characters just like you’re reading a page-turning novel, except that it’s real life and if you could somehow grab them by their shoulders, you would realize you were staring yourself in the face. The talent of these storytellers is revealed in how universal their personal stories are. In their stories you will experience agony and joy, pain and healing, fall and redemption.

Adam S. McHugh, author Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture

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