LETTERS TO ME Author Interviews: Tamara Lunardo

A couple different people recommended Tamára Lunardo when I was thinking about the collaboration that became Letters to Meso I was prepped to find a good writer. But as I read her blog, I was also impressed by her honesty and fearlessness; compassion oozed through, too. We exchanged some email, and Tamára agreed to jump on board with LTM, offering an essay that is blunt, transparent, and full of hope.

She answered a few questions I put to her, and if you want more of Tamára’s story and perspective, check out her blog.

If you met yourself ten years ago, where would you be?

I’d have just given birth to my second child a few weeks after graduating college with honors. Those remain some of my proudest accomplishments.

What comment from a mentor has stuck with you?

“God dwells only in reality.” My dear friend Jenny reminded me of this truth at a moment when it was most painful and most necessary to hear it. And I seem never out of opportunity to repeat it to myself; it brings me back to real faith and real life, which is sometimes still painful and always still necessary.

Is there something from your teen years you would not ‘do over’?

I wouldn’t re-do high school, not because it was terrible, but because, in spite of the terrible stuff, it was mostly wonderful. Those were the years when I learned about being my real self.

2 thoughts on “LETTERS TO ME Author Interviews: Tamara Lunardo

  1. “God dwells only in reality.” That will be our adult Sunday School lesson Sunday. There is so much truth in that, so many of the Bible stories that were not stories but events. Tamara… You always get me when I “ain’t” looking. THANK YOU.


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