Light of the World

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Centuries before marketers and merchants insisted on a long run-up to Christmas, various members in the household of faith advocated Advent as a way of unpacking the Incarnation. Not every part of the Church shares this tradition, but most all of us feel instinctively the need to pause at this time of year. God becoming human? Surely that amazing, magnificent truth deserves our attention.

Advent gives us much to ponder by inviting examination of the deep truths of Incarnation. Some of this is quiet and serious, and some is flat-out, sliding-across-ice fun. But pausing for this during a season that is packed to the gills can sound unrealistic, or impossible–even though it might actually be good for us.

After all, it might be that some of the slots on our crammed calendars have more to do with duty than love—that we have said yes to what doesn’t deserve our investment. It might be that by taking on what we would otherwise have ignored, we’ll discover a new perspective. It might be that Advent becomes a season for recalibrating, remembering, rebooting.


From the Introduction to Our Savior Come

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