Creatives creating

The group that gathered around Letters to Me consists of people who have been creating for a while. They write, paint, take pictures, calligraph (just what is the verb form of ‘calligraphy’?)…. And true to form, once LTM was done–or in several cases, while LTM was still forming–they were on to new things. Here’s a sample:

Hungry_and_you_fed_mePenny Nash contributed a chapter to Hungry and You Fed Me: Homilies and Reflections for Year C. A variety of clergy and laypeople share messages about pressing social issues for the Sundays, Holy Week, and certain feast days in the current liturgical year, which began on December 2. Proceeds from the book will benefit homeless ministries in New Jersey.

aks loveAletheia Schmidt practices and teaches painting as spiritual practice. In addition to keeping an active blog and writing for various sites, she produces, sells, and shows art. Here’s a link to some of her latest work–and she’s got a book of her own underway as well.

kingdom journeysSeth Barnes, whose day job involves guiding a ministry for students seeking to change the world, was working on a book that came out just before LTM. Kingdom Journeys offers a collection of stories about that changing the world stuff, and how such a pursuit is worth the investment. Along the way, Seth also makes a compelling case for going on journeys as a way of deepening one’s relationship with Christ.

“Work in Progress” describes another important part of what writers do, and a few of LTM’s contributors have books that will release in 2013. Cases in point: Margot Starbuck and Chris Smith, who have been battering away at those projects for some time.

And other contributors to the book? They’ve been active, too–stay tuned…

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