A small piece, for Christmas

new book coverUniversity of Days, my next novel, was supposed to be out by now. Other projects got in the way, however. Launching Letters to Me, and the promotion connected with that, took time. A local church asked me to coordinate a Lenten book. The new day job, too, calls for energy, thought, creativity.

So the novel got nudged off the ‘right now’ stack. Which ended up being just fine, since the ‘delay’ also provided time to sit with the book some more and re-tool it here and there. And what writing doesn’t get improve with re-writing?

Not that I plan to shelve this project interminably. No–UDays is still very much alive, and currently slated for a release in early 2013. Between now and then, though, I’m happily puttering with other interesting stuff.

And, I’m actively looking for readers who might like to go through UD with me as it nears publication (writing tends to improve when others offer feedback, too). So if you’re up for that, drop me a note.

Meanwhile, here’s a chapter from University of Days, about the school’s chaplain, and the Christmas celebration before Winter Break. Enjoy!

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