Serious whimsy

A new year: a fresh season to create. To bear down, pull back, try, tweak, form & fashion, enjoy. What will flow from your pen, spill out of the kiln, spark from your brush, leap off the stage this year? What will we hear, see, notice, discover because you anted up, got it done, polished the rough, and roughed the smooth? Will your portfolio expand? Will you learn something new? Will your craft hurtle off in a new direction? And what attitude will accompany this ‘work’?

There is a foot bridge in Tacoma, WA, part of which is covered by a structure built to house Chihuly’s glass. From a distance, this bridge is quite ordinary. But when you move closer, walk through: aack! You are surrounded, engulfed, by color, movement, vision, skill, abundance, joy. There is here, without doubt, the fruit of much labor and evidence of great care–but what strikes you is the bursts of enthusiasm, insouciance, exuberance. Unexpected, yet welcome, and offered up in this most pedestrian of settings to delight, and inspire.

Chihuly and Pike 8.12 206

Chihuly and Pike 8.12 193

Chihuly and Pike 8.12 195

Chihuly and Pike 8.12 197

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