Writers writing

more booksOnce I had the idea for Letters to Me, I went looking for people with something to say. Some of them I knew, others were friends of friends, and others I had ‘met’ via their on-line presence. A good-natured lot coalesced around the notion of speaking to the past in ways that bless the present, and as we worked together to fashion this book, I discovered more of their interests and style. We finished the project late last year and brought the book out to rave reviews. Meanwhile though, LTM‘s contributors continue to crank out more that’s worthy of attention…

Baker Books just released Margot Starbuck’s Permission Granted. Focused on love, the book emerges out of Margot’s kind, large-hearted life.

Eric Wyatt who, as a writing instructor, practices what he preaches, will have a short story published in the New Plains Review.

Brian McLaren’s latest book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road? is out and being widely read and reviewed. Brian’s output is prodigious and regularly life-provoking. He’s at work on his next book, too….

Tamára Lunardo has been shepherding What a Woman is Worth to completion. It’s another collaboration, carried out with the encouragement of Civitas Press.

Aletheia Schmidt published Awake My Soul, a devotional art journal that includes 52 full color images and a batch of intriguing questions and prompts that nudge deep reflection.

In addition to books and essays, other contributors continue to deepen and widen discussions via thoughtful blogging–consideration of which deserves its own post.

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