What are you working on?

rocket launch


These days, I’ve got three writing projects underway. One is a novel–University of Days–which is close to publication. The second is a kids’ book (first time for everything…) that I wrote a while back but am dusting off. The third is a ‘serious’ book on glory. Glory has captivated me since grad school, when I studied Matthew’s account of Jesus’ transfiguration. From the book’s intro, here’s a little more on why the topic is of such interest…


I spent my adolescent years east of Florida, on a small island that lacked much of what friends and relatives living in the States enjoyed. But there were some amazing benefits to this life as well, like being able to watch launches from Cape Canaveral. We could stand in our yard on a clear night and moments after a rocket left the pad in Florida see a streak in our eggplant sky. There, we’d say, pointing, craning our necks to trace the moving spark until it sped out past our vision. It was a mesmerizing experience that propelled us far from the little bubble of land we knew into a vast expanse.

We speak of the Christian life as a journey, likening it more often to a hike in the woods than to a rocket launch—but I wonder: isn’t there something worthy of witness and remark about the blast and brightness of a life suddenly shot into a wholly new environment? That’s my aim in exploring this matter of glory, and what it means not only for there and later, but also for here, and now.

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