This life, full of glory

morning glory pool, yellowstone

One of the perks of writing is the opportunity to encounter (and sometimes interact) with other writers and their thinking. In my current project on glory, I’m finding all manner of ideas scattered through books and articles, and the effort lately has been to corral notes taken from these sources so as to cobble together a few propositions and possibilities connected with the subject in view.

Jurgen Moltmann is among those whose thinking propels me in new directions. A friend recommended The Experiment Hope (a good starting point for Moltmann, he assured me), and I’m slowly moving through that. Previously though, I’d bumped into The Coming of God–and in this book, I hear Moltmann say:

to glorify God means to rejoice in God’s existence and one’s own, and to express this joy in thanksgiving and praise, in the joy of living and celebration. (p323)

German theologian are not always known for being easy to read or comprehend. But when I hear a comment like this, I get Moltmann’s point right away. And I’m all the more eager to plunge deep into the pool that is glory.


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