Finishing touches

new book coverIt appears that the new novel will finally make it out of the gate this month. A few last tweaks, some re-formatting so it can be an e-book, and then…

Mid- to late-June seems likely for the launch, and that’ll be a good day. It has a map (drawn by Alan Voelkel), Spanish (por supuesto!), and an assortment of characters (like an absentee librarian and a pyromaniac). Plus, who doesn’t think about school in the summer?

Here’s the current back cover copy:

A small town story told with with dry humor and laconic pacing about memorable characters, aggravating perplexities, and fond hopes.  For readers of Jan Karon, Alexander McCall Smith, and Blaise Pascal.

Much has changed in the century since this Christian liberal arts college rose from the fertile imagination of a southern tobacco farmer. What’s less clear is how staff, students, faculty, and administrators with mixed motives and competing agendas will face what lies ahead. 

The writing prof who moonlights with pulp fiction; a one-handed potter; the Anglican chaplain who mystifies those raised in a different sort of church; a prankster desperate for notoriety; the provost struggling to herd cats; a first-year teacher with a dangerous reading list; a security officer who likes to climb—all these and more have questions to ask, choices to regret, fires to put out, and papers to grade. 

This year, the real world is getting awfully close to the ivory towers at University of Days.


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