Suburban Midwestern churches, boarding school in Africa, and spending most of my adolescence on an island among expatriates formed me; since then, schooling, my family, and a few decades of ‘professional Christian ministry’ have done some shaping as well. I’m moving into midlife with a range of interests and a batch of experience, and enjoying the opportunity to swirl all that into blogs and books. My hope is to raise a few questions, open a few doors, and spark some thinking about life well-lived. Along the way, it’d be nice to bring a smile, too.

Thanks for stopping by! And if something resonates as you amble around, feel free to add a comment or get in touch (toucanic@aol.com).

      –Dan Schmidt


Regarding images, the illustrations I use for posts come from a variety of sources. By clicking an image, you’ll find the site where I discovered it; this is my way of attributing the work. Some of the images are mine–when you click those, you’ll only get a larger version of the picture. Feel free to use these elsewhere, too!

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