Prime Target

In middle school I won a contest where the prize was a bookstore coupon; I bought a book about WW2 prisoner escapes. From there it was a short step to a host of other adventure stories and a lifelong fascination. The genre captivates me, and I’m always on the lookout for a good spy book to read. One day, an idea hit: could I write one of these? The notion happened to bubble up during  the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and Prime Target –a piece of fast-paced, globe-trotting, soft-boiled crime fiction–fell out in short order.


International art thieves. Unrequited love. A ticking time bomb…

When Stuyvesant Bedford is hired by an insurance agency catering to the rich and infamous, he has a pretty good idea of who’s behind a recent rash of robberies his new firm wants to stop. But to catch this loopy mastermind, he’ll need friends from his days undercover. He hires his nephew Max, too, because the kid is good at finding things.

From inner city Philadelphia to the coast of Portugal, between Baltimore and Montana, the hunt is on for crooks who take what they want and leave no trace. Can Bedford and his gang recover millions of dollars’ worth of loot before it disappears again, or gets blown to smithereens?


Available as paperback or e-book