“Between jobs” Seminar


Filling the space between losing and finding a job

a 45-90 minute seminar

Life doesn’t stop when you’re unemployed. But what do the days look like in between leaving and finding a job? How do you keep your spirits up? And could it be that this time might actually be an opportunity for growth? Using the new book Working When You’re Not, we’ll consider what it takes to navigate the days between losing and finding a job. We’ll also look at ways friends and family can help and encourage.




“Dan hits all the right targets.  His presentation is informed, pastorally astute, accessible to his audience, and underpinned by a robust Christian perspective.  In addition to all this is Dan’s humility, which has been born out of personal experience and touches the participants with an authenticity that cannot be replaced by theoretical and technical content.”
The Rev. Dr. Duncan H. Johnston
Rector, Mount Calvary Episcopal Church, Camp Hill, PA


For information on booking this workshop,
contact Dan at toucanic@aol.com



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