Coaching & Editing

Do you have a novel tucked in a desk drawer, or on the hard drive of your computer?

Are you wanting to share your autobiography with friends and family?

Have you written a book that needs to be formatted for publication?

Is your experience or knowledge about a topic something from which others would benefit?

Are there writers in your church who could contribute to a collection for Advent, Lent, or some topic of interest to the congregation?

If you have or are working on a book—memoir, fiction, how-to, devotional guide—that you’d like to have published, I can help. I work with people to bring such projects to print so that they can be distributed to others and enjoyed by many.

After publishing two novels this way (see here and here), I know what it takes to help you turn a ‘clean’ manuscript into a high-quality paperback and an e-book that will list on Amazon. If your book is still ‘in process’, I also provide coaching, editing, formatting, and cover design assistance so that it gets finished and out the door. I can coordinate group projects, too, for collections of writers who want to publish their work in a single volume (for samples of projects I’ve guided through to publication, check here and here).

Interested? Drop me a note (TOUCANIC@AOL.COM) and let’s get started…


Dan Schmidt was a wonderful coach as members of our congregation worked to put together a tool for Lent in book form. While we had some experienced authors in our community of writers, we didn’t have the experience of putting a collaborative work together. Dan helped us graciously and patiently at every level. Blessed Are You: Meditations on the Beatitudes is the beautiful fruit of our labors together—a great blessing to our congregation. The experience was so overwhelmingly positive that we hope to collaborate with Dan again.

Cathy J. Morgan
Director of Prayer Ministry; West Shore Evangelical Free Church
Mechanicsburg, PA
Dan Schmidt converted a mainstream fiction novel into an e-book for me with true professionalism. Quick, efficient, thorough. He made what I thought was going to be a long and difficult process seem effortless, and quickly delivered a fully completed product that was absolutely perfect. Thanks, Dan!
Kathie Austin

2 thoughts on “Coaching & Editing

  1. Dear Dan,
    I have been enjoying reading your book “Play Perdida.
    I especially appreciated your sermon on Job. I thought it was worked in seamlessly to the novel story line,It makes me want to review the book for Christian LIbrary Journal where I write reviews from time to time.

    I am just confused as to how on flight to Panama they ended up on the Ivory coat of Africa. It is a trival point but inconsistencies like that drive me nuts. It would have liked it better if you used a made up name instead.
    Anyway Good Job
    Gail Whitney

    • Thanks for the encouraging word, Gail!
      And you’re right–the mention of ‘Liberia’ is confusing. But that’s an actual town in northern Costa Rica, with an airport that serves beach communities in that area–so I thought including it was worth the risk. Still, maybe the book could be more specific about that name…
      BTW, I’m with you about inconsistencies–which is why I’m glad for sharp-eyed readers!

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