Writer’s Camp

local authorsWriters write–and sometimes, they also write about writing. That’s what happens in the Writer’s Camp posts, which are showing up with more frequency these days. Here’s a sampler of posts I’ve put up…. And, if you’ve got some thoughts about writing, by all means: share!

A guest post for The Write Practice, on finding names for stories.

For insight as to how writers view writing, here are some thoughts on pursuing the craft full-time

Need some tips for continuity in terms of who, when, and where?

Sometimes even bad movies can spark good writing.

How maps help the writing and reading of novels.

Putting off the finish, instead of getting to done.

Giving the best time of day to creativity.

Why would anyone want to write?

Why would someone read a book?

What writers can expect when they’re trying to make progress with that story/article/book.

Books, like bike rides, benefit from collaboration.

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